Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Quick Update

I only have a couple of minutes as we've moved to "The Floor" and I have to be in the room with Sadie all the time now. She is doing extremely well - so well that we expect to be home by tomorrow evening!!!

It's been a challenge to get her to eat. They wanted her to start on a bottle so that we could monitor how much intake she had. She was also on a nasalgastric (NG) tube, and they expected her to go home on it. I've learned how to insert the tube, do gravity feeds, etc. Then, yesterday the attending came in and said to remove the NG tube and try letting her feed on her own only. She did not like having to do so much work for food, and by the evening she was exhausted, hungry and too irritable to eat. The cardiology nurse finally asked if I'd tried going to breast yet, and I told her no - that I'd been waiting for more than 3 weeks for the chance to do so. So, they let me. And Sadie latched on PERFECTLY and nursed for several minutes straight. Since then, she's been waking on her own to let me know she's hungry and nursing at breast like a champ. I even managed to convince her to use a bottle for a bit, which she had rejected before.

Sadie was slated to go home today, but they want to hold her one more day since she lost so much weight yesterday. Cross your fingers for us - if she stays the same weight or increases we are OUT OF HERE!!

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