Tuesday, September 19, 2006

"A Normal Baby!"

I heard it - the three words I've been waiting to hear since Sadie's birth. Today one of the heads of the cardiology team came in, and he told me that Sadie is recovering remarkably, and that, other than the swelling, she's moving along quickly towards going home. I finally got up the courage to ask what I've been wanting to ask since day one - "What can we expect over the next year?" And his reply? "A NORMAL BABY!" I am so excited!!! There's an end in sight to this nightmare of a roller coaster we've been experiencing the last two weeks.

Keep your fingers crossed for us - we hope that tomorrow will be the day she gets the breathing tube removed. They're still waiting for more fluid to come off, and to reduce her CO2 levels. I'm so close to holding her now that the minutes seem like hours. Today the only real drawback are some slight withdrawals she's facing from reduction of her painkiller, Fentanyl. Her little arms are shaking and her eyes roll back from time to time, so the nurses have to keep assuring me again and again that she's ok. I hate seeing it, but know that the sooner she's off of them, the better she can recover. It's just the in between time that's hard.

On another happy note, four years ago today Katie entered our lives. She is my joy and pride, and I don't know where I'd be today without her. Such a wise person is enveloped in that little body... she amazes me with her beauty, strength and smarts. (No... I'm not a proud mommy at all!). Happy birthday, sweetie!

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