Saturday, April 24, 2010

Good News Round 1

So, time to spill some of the beans - Saturday the girls and I are moving! I found a cute little house in a subdivision literally crawling with children. The girls are excited, and the boxes are piling up.

Add to that that I just returned from a fantastic trip. I don't usually say that about my work travels, but this one was lots of fun. I enjoyed visiting with my clients (many of whom I've known for years), had some down time to check out local sites (well, it was Minneapolis, so there wasn't TOO much to check out, but I did tool around Mall of America today), hours of conversation with an old college friend who happened to be in town and ended it all by having a "me" day to kick back and really relax for the first time in quite a while. I got on the plane to come home feeling eager to begin the next chapter in this crazy book of life.

I have much more good news, but don't want to jinx it, so will fill it in as we go. Hooray for new beginnings!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Love Grows!

Just after informing Katie that her aunt is now engaged, she started gushing about the wedding. And then she told me that she was very excited, because very soon the love would start to grow in Kerinda's uterus, and that then she and Spencer would have a baby.

So she knows what a uterus is, and why it's there. No clue how the baby gets there. And I intend on it staying that way for a few years yet to come.


Talk about the ride of a life time. This week has held it all - excitement, adventure, romance, sickness, disappointment, angst, frustration and countless doors opened I never thought possible. Seriously life, couldn't we take one of these a week, or at least spread them out a bit over each day? My nerves are a bit ragged.

I can't report everything yet, or the changes happening, but there's some exciting stuff going on. Big stuff. Really big. I can't wait to see where I am three months from now.

In the meantime, Sadie's sick. Again. This time with Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (or a virus very similar). Poor thing has blisters on the inside of her mouth that spread into her nose and are starting to appear around her lips. I'm to expect them to go to her hands and feet too. She's got a fever and wants nothing more than to be held. Constantly. While I'm trying to juggle two businesses, a sudden onslaught of interviews and packing.

Yes, packing. Like I said. Can't share everything yet, but life is pretty darn exciting at the moment!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

At Long Last...

I'm getting the younger brother I ALWAYS dreamed of having.

Congratulations to Kerinda and Spencer on their engagement! I've been weepy with excitement/anticipation/sheer joy all day long. So happy they found each other, and so thrilled to see the future unfold for them.

I am one happy camper today! :)