Wednesday, January 22, 2014

2014... and we're off!

Well, so much for blogging in 2013. I'm not going to promise anything in 2014, either. But I have found this to be a helpful tool in looking back on some history that I didn't journal through some really tough years, so I think I'll keep the blog going, even if it is only to provide an annual update.

2013 was an amazing year. The girls really began to get into their grooves at school and life in our household stabilized. Some highlights and accomplishments for our family:

  • Katie:
    • Completed 4th grade, and is now in her last year of middle school.
    • Is as compassionate, smart and sweet as ever, though we now get to see a dash of feistiness that I attribute to hormonal outbursts that I can expect for several years to come.
    • Got braces. So darn cute.
    • Was addicted to Minecraft. Even had a minecraft birthday. What is it with that stupid game?
    • Is practicing for her first musical. She loves to sing, and I love to listen to my little songbird through the bathroom walls. She's still not got the confidence to get up in front of others to sing, but I hope she one day does - she really is talented musically.
  • Sadie
    • Continues to torture Sammy (the cocker spaniel) with dress up.
    • Convinced her class that she speaks another language. Even her teacher thought it was some sort of Native American dialect - for a day or two. It's not.
    • Has a healthy heart - her check up this year went by with flying colors! I tear up every time I write or say that one. :)
    • Loves animals. Her birthday this year was at the SPCA, and like me, she wanted to bring home every animal there. I'm happy to report no new animals came home with us this year, despite our bleeding hearts.
    • Is actually enjoying 2nd grade. She's disliked every year before this one, so it's nice not to have to engage in a full-on battle of wills every school day anymore.
  • Both girls
    • are now in gymnastics and love it
    • were on swim team this year - also loved it
  • Sammy
    • Still pees on the floor. Still chews up everything. Still drives me nuts, but we love her.
    • Surprisingly has never bit Sadie
  • Carly
    • Did not have surgery last year, hooray! (in 2012 had two ACL surgeries)
    • Still is a good girl. Glad to see her moving around better after all the pain of the last two years.
  • I:
    • Found a killer professional coach - his guidance has made a huge impact on the way I see life. Also found two fantastic mentors!
    • Left the consulting company I so struggled to fit into. I learned some really hard lessons, but am thankful for the lessons and greater insights provided as a result of those lessons.
    • Took a Vice President, Head of PMO role at a bank, only to walk away from it within 3 months. One of my hardest decisions ever - and one of my best
    • Found my inner artist again.
    • Didn't date. Not necessarily by choice, just how it worked out.
  • Other family happenings:
    • The girls and I took a cruise and they got their very first passports. We went to Belize, Mexico and Honduras and had a great time (minus a lion bite for me that resulted in rabies vaccinations)
    • My sister watches the kids, so they get to interact with their little nephew every day and have the benefit of being around Kerinda and Spencer almost daily. Loghen (my nephew) is 17 months old now... I love having the little guy around and got to snag him for a few weekends in 2013. I couldn't be more lucky to have Kerinda's management of our household, and the girls couldn't be more loved. I truly would not have survived the year without them.
    • The parents are doing well. Dad's finally talking about retirement, hooray!
So what's up for 2014?! It's an exciting year, I'm sure of it. Some things we're looking forward to:

  • Middle school for Katie - so scary, so exciting!
  • Sadie plans on more sleepovers. And more owl fashion.
  • A great family vacation - we're weighing our options now.
  • Financial stability - we're entering this year with stability and look forward to further financial growth. I can't tell you how good it feels to recover from the hits we took in 2009, 10 and 11.
  • Expansion of my role at Owens and Minor to an international scope - again, exciting stuff!