Friday, September 29, 2006

No Place Like Home

After three and a half weeks, we're finally home! They finally let us go yesterday afternoon, and I've never been happier to set foot in our house. I love so many little things right now - a kitchen sink to wash things in, and a private bathroom. A shower that I'm not afraid to get into without flipflops on. Ahhh...

Of course, the best part is having our family of four together at last. Katie is adjusting pretty well, all things considered. Jason's not throwing too many tantrums either. We're off to a good start.

Sadie is doing great - she's eating like crazy (yesterday we were on a 10-15 minutes every half hours schedule - today we're down to every 1-2 hours) and is a typical baby. She's been extremely fussy tonight, though. I haven't had a minute to myself since we walked in, but I'm loving every second of her. Last night she even let me get 3 straight hours of sleep in a row at one point.

We had our first pediatrician's appointment today, and it was wierd to realize how "old" she is already. The nurse asked if this was our first appointment - I said yes, but when she saw her birth date she said it was more of her 1 month appointment. It's odd to think of her as being almost a month old, as I've only really "had" her for a week or so. The rest of the time she was comatose and I couldn't do anything. It all still doesn't seem real, except that when I look at the scar on her chest, it comes back in a rush.

The appointment went well, and we will have a follow up next week, as well as weekly follow-ups with our local cardiologist, Dr. Albrecht. Our main concern is to put weight on Sadie - she's down to 7 lbs 3 ozs, which is 7 ozs below birthweight. Since she won't take a bottle, the docs are concerned that she's not eating enough. I think she's doing ok, but time will tell. It's hard to tell with her as to how much she's getting - we don't have many diapers to change yet, which concerns me. I know how much I "produce" and she seems to be using all of that, so I think she's getting enough, if not more than enough... so I don't know why we have such little output. I think I will worry the rest of my life over this one over every minor incident.

I'm making no sense whatsoever tonight (mainly because I think I've clocked about 8 hours of sleep in the past 5 days), but wanted to put up a note since I'm getting bombarded by calls asking why I'm not keeping up the blog. I'll be keeping it up for a while, no worries. It's just that right now we're overwhelmed with moving back into our house, getting used to a newborn all over again, dealing with a rightfully emotional 4-year old and trying to process the joy, shock and exhaustion of finally having Sadie at home.

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