Monday, October 23, 2006

Why won't the crying stop?!!!!

She's still crying. Now she's barely sleeping. Tonight has been awful. I don't understand!!!

I did a bunch of research on the Web today and found that withdrawals can often come and go for a month or two. No doctor told me that. Thanks. There's such a thing, especially with methadone, of delayed withdrawal as well. Which could explain the couple of good days last week, then the sudden plunge back into the crying.

I am trying everything under the sun to soothe colic. I went to a million and one places (ok, 5, but whatever) to find some Gripe Water today, which has chamomile, ginger and fennel. No real effect. I have some "tummy soother" on order from CVS. We douse her with Mylicon. That helps, for like 2 minutes.

This evening she's been awake, except for one 20 minute nap, since 4:30. It's now 10:45. This is not normal infant behavior.

On the plus side, she is calm and awake for more minutes in the day than she was last week. She loves being on her changing table. The car seat on the dryer routine seems to work for 15 minutes or so, as well.

The feeding is getting wierd too. It's like sometimes she forgets how to suck and swallow. Yet all last week she did well with it.

So, more fun in the Thies household. If anyone wants to come spend the night, feel free. It's AWESOME.

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