Friday, October 06, 2006

Less crying, new infection... the fun continues

So we saw the pediatrician today. The blister that she got on her ankle in the hospital (which was due to an IV that was put in incorrectly and left too long) had made a nasty wound, which is now infected. So, she needs to start amoxicillin, which isn't bad considering the other stuff she's on, but all the same...

The crying died down a lot today. I think we've had about six hours total so far. Not too bad - much better than the last few days. The doctor doesn't think it's colic, but agrees that something is definitely wrong. We just don't know what. Perhaps the withdrawals - perhaps the new infection - probably that she's burning too much of her daily caloric intake - maybe that she's exhausted and her body can't cope. Or, most likely, the combination of all of those and then some. Who knows.

She's also only gained one ounce since last week, so the doctors are worried about that. I need to start supplementing her feedings, and need to get some special equipment for that tomorrow.

The most fun thing today is that I tried to get her methadone prescription filled, and they didn't have it. The pharmacist mentioned to Jason that the dosages were off, so I double-checked the prescription against my previous dosages, and found out that they were wrong - the new script's concentration is 10 times more powerful than what she was on! I'm so glad that I caught it. I have to call the cardiologist tomorrow to get it all straightened out, but thank God that I didn't get it filled tonight or I would have overdosed her! How scary is that?!

The other fun is that the dr said I need to go back to the every 2 hour feedings, so no sleep for me for a while. Not that I was getting much of anything anyway, but still - I got one three hour stint last night between feedings and it felt like heaven. So, back to the one hour at a time thing (hoping that she will feed and get back to sleep in an hour's time).

Here's hoping for 4 hours or less of crying tomorrow... cross your fingers for us!

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