Monday, October 16, 2006

Heart Walk on Saturday!

As promised, here is the link for the donation page for the HeartWalk on Saturday. We would love to see any or all of you out there walking with us to help raise funds for the American Heart Association! Our team, Mended Little Hearts of Richmond, will be leading the walk that morning - I'm looking forward to meeting other parents who have kids that have survived and thrived, as Sadie is doing!

The withdrawals are back... not as bad this time, but back all the same. We've quit the methadone entirely now, and I refuse to give any, even though it kills me to see her cry.

On a fun note, I took a trip down the stairs this morning the fast way. I'm glad I kept all that percocet from when I had Sadie - I am hurting from head to toe! I guess that's what happens when you're a walking zombie...

I'll try to post some new photos later today or tomorrow. Sadie is getting fatter by the minute - she actually has fat rolls on her legs again! I'm so excited about her progress.

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