Sunday, October 08, 2006

Another good day!

Wow - I actually had time to vacuum and dust today. And shower. Woohoo! Sadie is doing great - she's acting like a normal baby and I don't know what to do with her. I even got some smiles and coos today while I was changing her (which she used to scream about. Of course, she screamed about everything.). I'm afraid to see what tomorrow brings, because we start decreasing the methadone again. I hope this time it will work without all the side-effects.

So, the only battle we've had today is feeding. The docs have instructed me to feed her every two hours, but she just won't eat much when we do it that way. Three hours seems to work better for her. But, she didn't gain enough weight last week, so they're putting me through the wringer on the feedings. She actually took a bit of a bottle today from Jason, though, so he's going to get stuck with some feedings tonight whether he likes it or not. I can't wait to sleep for, like, three hours in a row or something. It'll be bliss.

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