Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Bad night last night but good dr visit

Well, last night was another night of withdrawals. Sadie slept all day yesterday, which worried me. I couldn't hardly wake her to eat even. Then the withdrawal symptoms hit hard last night - first the sneezing and yawning, then the crying. She cried for hours on end again. Once we finally got her down she only slept a few hours before crying again for another hour and a half. Then, this morning the diarrhea hit again. But, by the afternoon she was a happy baby again.

I called the cardiologist again in the middle of the night last night to get help. Now we're trying yet another way of trying to wean the methadone. She'll be taking smaller doses more often (4 x per day instead of two), then we'll gradually increase the time between doses. Makes sense, so I hope it works.

So, I had to go and get more methadone today, which is always fun. It's a controlled substance, and no one in the area had any, so I had to go to the West End to get it. Then insurance denied coverage for it (not that it mattered - it's such a small dose it wasn't much at all) because I should have some left from the last refill. Sure, I would have if she hadn't withdrawn and we'd had to increase it again... I'm so sick of explaining to everyone and their cousin how the weaning process works. Not even the doctors know what to do - it's all a big experiment.

Anyway, both girls had their peditrician appointments today, which was fun. Katie had to have four shots and freaked out, which I wasn't expecting. Normally she's calm, but she kicked and screamed and raised heck. She's 40 lbs now - I knew she was big, but wow! Anyway, she got a clean bill of health. Sadie is doing well, too. The infection on her heal is clearing up. She's on antibiotics orally to help with that, though, so that might be part of the problem with the diarrhea she's been having. The best news, however, is that she gained 4 ozs in 4 days - according to their scales she was 7 lbs 12 ozs today - the first time she's been above her birthweight (other than pre-surgery when they pumped her full of fluids... but that's not "real" weight). Yay!

I had to keep the lactation consultation today anyway, but managed to talk them out of giving me the nursing supplemental devise. I can keep breastfeeding as we have been, but just need to pump after every feeding to make sure we get the "hind" milk that contains the most calories and fat. That I have to give her via bottle several times a day. So, longer times for feeding, but I'd rather that than an NG tube or supplemental device. As long as she gains 3 ozs by Friday we can stick to this routine.

Sadie's doing better tonight. I'm counting the minutes until she can have her next methadone dose, since she's easily agitated and pretty fussy, but it's nothing like last night.

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