Monday, October 30, 2006


I'm almost scared to write anything about the last few days because I don't want to jinx it... things have been great. Sadie feels so much better, and is a pretty happy baby now. She still fusses, but nothing like before. I can handle a few hours of cranky every day, it seems like bliss. She now lets me hold her, carress her hair - she even tolerated my singing her to sleep tonight.

Last week (well, really the whole time before now) I was afraid to touch her too much because it upset her. She screamed through most interaction. She hated baths. She wanted nothign to do with me unless I was feeding her. So this is a very welcome change. I feel like I have a baby again! I just hope this time the wean will work and we can get past this methadone thing.

She's now on a 6 week gradual wean, so we've got a while to go. However, she's not as drugged as she was before. She's very lucid, smiles often and coos a bit. She watches everything and studies faces, and has even started trying to "talk" back to us by mimicking our mouth movements. So, developmentally, all is still well, even with the drugs.

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