Friday, October 20, 2006

Fun week! (read sarcasm)

So, we're finally off of methadone completely. Sadie hasn't had a dose since Sunday. She screamed all Sunday night. So, I woke in the morning and promptly fell down the stairs since I was so tired. On Wednesday I finally broke down and went to the doctor and found out I fractured my elbow and sprained my shoulder. Sweet. Yesterday I noticed that my knee also hurts and is swollen. More fun!

Katie ended up getting a bladder infection from her UTI, so we were back in the doctors office for that this week. It also turns out her long-term GI problems are worse than ever - she has multiple golf-ball sized impactions throughout her intestines. So, she's on a load of laxatives to blast them out, and we had to do 3 enemas on her to help her out. Four-year olds and enemas are not a good mix. Not that any age and an enema is fun.

Sadie's crying hasn't gotten better since getting her off of the methadone. If she's awake, she's crying or eating. Today I had maybe 2 hours of happy baby awake time (i.e. not crying or eating) which is a big improvement from any other day this week, but it's wearing me out. Especially since I feel like a truck hit me. I got some good smiles though, and she's becoming more alert and aware of her surroundings, so that keeps me going. Next week we go in to try to determine if it's some super nasty colic we're dealing with or if maybe there's some acid reflux mixed in. So much for not seeing the doctors weekly!

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