Friday, February 01, 2008

Wow! What a response!

Thanks to everyone who has responded and is interested in spreading the word for CHD Awareness Week! Because I've had some media interaction and don't want to share my personal blog with the world (yes, yes, I know... why do I post in public then?), I've created a sister blog, LearnAboutCHD, to chronicle the events. I've also come up with a dandy little campaign called "7 for 7" that everyone is invited to participate in!

In addition to the mad blog marathon I'll be running this month, on the 7 days of CHD Awareness Week (Feb. 7-14), I and many other CHD families, friends and supporters will be posting lists of 7. While most of us will do seven things related to CHD, you're welcome to use your imagination and go wild with your 7 lists of 7. My only request in all of this? Please put a link in the entry to one of the many CHD Information/Support sites.

Feel free to use the logo I cooked up, or come up (above) with something a bit more exciting of your own. I'll be linking mine to the new sister site, or when posted there, to CHIN (, as they seem to have the most information and links of the sites I have seen relating to Congenital Heart Defects. For those of you in Central Virginia, there is a great support group here called Mended Little Hearts that would benefit from informing Richmond area residents about their programs.

And we're off...!!

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