Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Going Grassroots for CHD

Last week I discovered that February 7-14 has been designated Congenital Heart Defect (CHD) Awareness week across the globe. Who knew? Obviously, this campaign doesn't have the impact factor other more "popular" campaigns have.

Sadie barely survived her CHD - partly because of the type of defect she had, but MOSTLY because her CHD was not caught in utero. For 17 months I've been angry - angry with my OB for never telling me CHD existed. Angry with the precious moments that were lost that I can never recover. Angry that her warning signs were ignored. I decided this past week that enough is enough with the anger - I'm going to take that energy and turn it into positive action. So, my dear reader, you get stuck bearing the brunt of my latest climb onto a soapbox.

For the 29 days of February, (it HAD to be leap year that I decided to take this on) I'm making it my goal to post to this blog every day, each with some sort of reference to CHD (though not always the subject). From the 7-14th, I'll post only lists of 7 relating to CHD. Let's see how creative I can get. There will be some juicy stuff in there. Just you wait.

You can join this grassroots crusade, too. Find some facts on the CHD Information Network and share them in an email or on your blog. Add an image promoting CHD Awareness (see the two here!) and a link to your MySpace page, LinkedIn page, FaceBook, blog or wherever you lurk in cyberspace. Better yet, join me in a blog-a-thon from Feb 7-14 for Awareness Week. C'mon over and jump onto the CHD Awareness bandwagon, it'll be fun times for all!

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