Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tradition.... TRADITION!

Among Jason's fraternity, there is this (for lack of better word) "tradition" that takes place at weddings. Alas, Jason and I were married too young, and had too "stiff" of a wedding (read no dancing, no booze, not many friends, the parents church, lots of strangers, not much fun) to have carried on this heart-warming tradition. Just one more reason we need to renew those vows.

Some of the brides within the fraternity circle dread this moment in the wedding evening. Some refuse to let "YMCA" (which accompanies this particular tradition) be played. Some fear their family's reactions and avoid it like the plague. Some are not told by their husbands that the tradition even exists, and get VERY angry and embarrassed when it happens at their wedding (rightfully so!). But there are many who laugh along and enjoy it. I've seen the tradition take place at all types of weddings - from small, intimate gatherings to huge, extravagant events.

Recently, an article was published in a local rag about "wierd, wild and wonderful" wedding moments, and guess what it featured? The Zete Psi tradition of dropping trou to YMCA. A photo was included with the article, showing two of our friends taking part in this unique tradition at their wedding last fall.

I can't tell you the number of weddings we have gone to when Jason has asked me "Which pair should I wear?" and wondered how many other women out there have to worry about their outfit for the wedding, as well as ensuring their husbands have exciting undergarments to sport at the event.

Tanya, you definitely win the award for "best bride" within the fraternity circle. Not only did you welcome the tradition, you came prepared. And made a fashion statement at the same time. Now THAT's class!


  1. Thanks! I am glad it was well received! ;-)

  2. That's really cool. I agree that not telling your bride that this is going to happen is a big no-no! I think that Tanya is to be commended on jumping in the fun. Cute boxers, too.
    I need to go to wilder weddings!

  3. Melissa3:47 PM

    You go girl...:) Tell Steve he looks cute also. Love the legs...hehe.