Friday, February 15, 2008

General Update

I'm wiped out from work today... leave for Boston on Monday and have miles to go. So, today's blog is posted on the CHD awareness site. Check out Makenzy's story - she's 8, and has a sister who has CHD. Her story is very touching, and one many kids can relate to. I'll write something soon about Katie's general reactions as well, but don't have the time/desire tonight.

On the home front, I took Sadie in for what I thought was a simple ear infection today. It's not. Looks like there's something going on behind the ear drum. We're going to watch it and see what happens over the next week or so, but the dr suspects the ear drum may burst because of the pressure. Basically (gross... weak of stomach skip this), there's a lot of puss built up behind the drum, as well as tissue. The pediatrician thinks it may be another genetic anomaly that is the root of this (the tissue malformation). No one has ever mentioned it before, in the 3 times in the last 4 months we've been treated for ear infections.

Interestingly enough, he said I should sue my OB. I won't be, but it was reassuring for another doctor to tell me that I was neglected, my desire for more information was denied, and that it wasn't right. No other doctor I've talked to will admit that. We had a half hour discussion about the failure to be able to obtain insurance for Sadie, and his comments included how broken our health care system is, and how CHD is so severely overlooked - there's no "money" in it, and the children aren't old enough to vote on issues, parents overwhelmed. It was comforting to find a doctor who feels exactly as I do on the politics of healthcare, the state of the American health system and CHD awareness in general.

Anyway, the Sadie issue is wait and watch. He said tubes are likely, but that they couldn't be done right now based on what he saw. He also said he hopes and doesn't think it will affect her earing. He also mentioned it could have a lot to do with her behavioral issues as well.

Katie had an awesome day. She came home with 40 valentines from her friends, which we had to go through individually tonight. She's bouncing off the walls on a sugar high like I've never seen before. Gotta LOVE it when preschools serve sugar before sending kids home. Thanks.

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