Saturday, February 16, 2008

First Sentences!

Katie, who is almost 5 1/2, read her first full sentences without any help yesterday, which included, "The fat cat met the dog" and "No he was not!" from a currently borrowed library favorite, Drat that Fat Cat. Gotta go buy that book now. I can't believe my baby is reading!! God, they grow up fast.

CHD Awareness, check out the Children's Heart Foundation, the only group I know of that puts 100% of their efforts to funding research on congenital heart defects. They've raised 2.3 million since 1996. It seems we should be able to do more.

Social responsibility is a MAJOR marketing tool these days. Next week at the conference I'm running, one of our speakers is from Ethos and will be focusing on this very subject. I can't wait to learn more and see if we can find some ways of enticing some major companies into campaigning for CHD. Big ideas, but worth the thought.

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