Monday, February 18, 2008

I Heart Boston

TodayI took off for Boston. Last time I was here, I was 7 months pregnant with Sadie and didn't feel much like sightseeing. Luckily, today was a fluke warm day here in Boston (breezy, in the upper 60s) and we only had a one hour delay, so Kerinda and I had time to hit the Freedom Trail before dark.

I think the thing we both found most fascinating was the cemetery where Paul Revere, Ben F's parents, and lots of other famous dead slumber. The tombstones were crumbling to dust, but some were still intact, and we perused them for quite some time. The graveyard was surrounded closely by buildings, and the buildings themselves had gravestones on them. We were trying to figure out if the buildings were put there after the cemetery, then the gravestones replaced, or if they were crypts in the walls of the buildings.

My favorite cities in America had been San Francisco, Seattle and Vancouver, but I think I need to scratch one of those and put Boston into the top three. It's a surprisingly friendly city, and they have wicked cool accents. I love the ocean breeze flowing up the Charles River and into my hotel room window. I couldn't get enough of the colorful row houses, each one unique and defined. And, because I'm now officially a boring grownup, the history is a lot of fun to walk through.

The girls for the first time really had an issue with my leaving. Katie normally does ok, but this time she cried her eyes out all morning. It's so hard to leave that way. Sadie was a bit upset, but then quickly moved on to breaking new things, as she is prone to do. I'm feeling a bit guilty tonight for enjoying my afternoon so much, and even more guilty for how excited I am to sleep through the night. I wonder if I can make it 8 hours?!

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  1. I'm glad to read that you got a little time to enjoy Boston! Enjoy your grown up time and your peaceful sleep. You deserve it!

    Harlie's mom