Friday, February 29, 2008

Last Day!!!

It's the last day of my mega-blog-a-thon and I can not be more relieved. I learned a lot through this experience (shared on the learnaboutchd blog if you're interested), but most of all I learned what great family and friends I have that have undertaken this campaign with me. I really appreciate all of you who posted logos, referenced websites, sent encouraging emails, called, etc. I can't tell you how much it means.

This is just the beginning for me, though I won't be quite so intense about the entire effort (I don't have the energy!). I really feel that CHD awareness is vitally important to tomorrow's unborn children, to our children who have CHD and will soon be adults without experienced medical care available for their special hearts and for moms around the world. I hope you'll join me in these efforts!

Here at home, I'm finally starting to recover. I ate solids and kept them down! Hooray. It's the little things, right?!

Sadie has been in rare form all day. She's learned to climb on top of the coffee table, on the backs of the couches, throwing fits, biting the heck out of me (anyone have suggestions on that particularly lovely behavioral issue?), tore open a package of pretzels stolen from the cabinet, crunching them and spreading them into the carpet, pulled the cat's tail (multiple times), sat on Carly Sparkles (clucking like she was riding a horse) and that's just what happened before noon... she wears me out.

Thank God for her mended heart. How boring and pale life would be without her!

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  1. Hi Kim -
    Thanks so much for the kind message on my blog. I appreciated your words and the fact that you reached out to me too!
    What great entries you've made this month. Even though I cried through a few ;) i enjoyed them all. Next year I plan to join you in this effort. :)

    I'm glad to meet another heart mom!
    have a great day