Monday, December 29, 2008

Over the Hump

Jason was extubated this morning, and has been doing really well. I've laughed a lot today at his weird comments, imaginary friends and musical references. The day nurse was really concerned about his lack of lucidity, but for once, I haven't been. I just feel that since they were giving him an overload of meds to keep him down that it's being stored longer than normal in his body fat. As the day went on, he got more and more coherent and lucid. He's still forgetting comments made just moments before, but he's also undergone a major trauma and has no recollection after Christmas eve (which is expected and part of the nature of the drugs he was given, and something I'm thankful for right now).

Some of our fun today included wanting to go on a search for a missing Snuffalopogus (who apparently had been in the room with us most of the day). When Jason was asked shortly after being brought out of his sleeping state who I was, he said excitedly "she's THAT lady." He later referred to me as the "one who fell down the mountain on skis that he laughed at and followed" (long story - but it is one that's about a decade old now). He spent quite a bit of time chatting up the IV machine. And at one point he was gazing at/around me, just beaming. I asked him what was going on. He exclaimed it was just so beautiful. I said something like I hadn't even put on makeup or done my hair. He said, "No, not you. That beautiful crystal blue waterfall behind you with the dancing bears." Ummm, yeah. I couldn't make this stuff up if I had to.

In addition to the fun outbursts ("scratching nuts!," "lalalalala" and "grape wash"), lapses into various Duran Duran references (he frequently told me he was "Hungry Like a Wolf" before lapsing into uncontrolled giggles) and singing "Sister Christian," he was also "picking" quite a bit and trying to pull out his oxygen, iv's and such. I was hands-on, all day long, except for a brief respite when some friends came to visit (thanks Cristen, Pam, Steve, Tanya and Seamus - it sooo helped my sanity). I'm exhausted, but in a better way than before. Where I had woken up this morning feeling downhearted and thinking it was going to be possibly another week of CCU (based on what they told me lat night), I'll be getting up tomorrow to the hope that it will be only days before he's out of there. BIG difference from the 3-4 weeks they were projecting previously.

Thanks for all the thoughts, prayers, comments and support. We have the best network of friends and loved ones anyone could ask for.


  1. Anonymous12:37 AM

    Great news! Jason, you, and the rest of your family have certainly been in our prayers, and I certainly am looking forward to passing on the news of continued improvement to our prayer team here at Hawaii Kai Church over the next few days. May God continue to bless you all and bring a complete and quick recovery to Jason.

    Rick Klobuchar "Puck"

  2. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Glad to hear that things have taken a turn for the better. I can only imagine what you all have been going through.

    You have all been in my prayers.


  3. Anonymous8:55 AM

    That's wonderful news Kim! Glad to hear that things are looking up. I'll keep praying for you guys that he's backto normal and you guys can get home soon! We'll still be home prob. Wed. so if you need anything then let me know.

  4. Susie and Matt Regalia9:23 AM

    So happy to hear that things are looking up!

  5. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Those are the best pain med hallucination stories I have ever heard. Hopefully, this will all be over soon and become just a source of funny stories.

    Make sure you smack him good when he tries to pull out his IV and shout, "Bad dog! No pick!"

  6. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Great news; and fantastic hallucination stories. Jenn and I have had you all you guys in our prayers as well.


  7. Great news! I hope you have a video camera and that you're using it well. That kind of footage could really come in handy later...

    Thinking of you,

  8. Tanya4:16 PM

    Did you punch his teeth out to make him "Carl the Tooth Guy" as he requested? ;-)