Friday, December 26, 2008

Hanging out in the CCU

Jason's still in the CCU, on a ventilator, with steady vitals. The swelling has not begun to go down, which I find worrysome, but we won't know more until we see the ENT specialist again tomorrow. I was there most the day, and he was awake and lucid several times, to our nurses dismay. They let him try to communicate with me while they put in more meds to sedate him (for some reason he doesn't go down as easily as he should). Using gestures and lots of eyebrow action he asked about how the girls were, where he was, what had happened, how long he had been there and how long he would be there. I lied and told him 2-3 days.

It looks like 3-4 weeks, though we hope he is extubated in 48-72 hours (they're adding a day or two, due to the lack of reduction in swelling). He'll remain in an induced coma until they extubate for his own safety.

He looked worse this morning in terms of swelling than last night. They say the reduction of swelling will likely occur from the inside out, so it may look worse than it really is. His white cell count is hovering at 18-19. He's beginning to breathe over the vent even when he's out cold, which is good in his case. And his heart rate is back down in the 80s (yesterday it was in the 140s). So, I think he's over the hump and we're now into the waiting game.

Thank you for all the prayers, well wishes, support, calls and hugs. The kids are doing fine - Katie went to be with her cousin Brittany, and is happy as a clam to have a few days with her. Sadie is sick with a cold, but the fever seems to be over. Mom and Dad are staying with her so I can be at the hospital with Jason. His family has been visiting. For now we have to keep visitors there to a minimum, but once he's off the ventilator we'll be able to have people over to visit. If I don't reply to comments/posts/emails/calls, please know I love you and I appreciate it despite my lack of correspondence. Thanks!


  1. Kim,
    I am so sorry to hear about how sick Jason is. How scary for you all! Please know that of you need anything, I am here to help. Lauren plans to send out an email to get you all some that is one thing you don't have to worry about.

    Please, please know that I am thinking about you all, and I want to help.

    Heart hugs,

    Christy Davis

  2. Susie Regalia9:52 AM

    Kim - Know that we are thinking of all of you and sending out prayers. I wish that we were closer and could do more.

    Susie and Matt