Monday, December 29, 2008

On this episode of ER...

Jason is doing well, having "stepped down" from Critical Care to the Cardiac/Pulmonary Unit. His vitals are good, and he's feeling better with each passing minute, making incredible progress at a fast pace. The nurses are amazed.

Meanwhile, down in the ER, most of the show's "regulars" are back in play, with an unusually high volume of patients with a vast variety of maladies. Special Guest Kim Thies (who appeared on last week's episode) makes another appearance, this time with her youngest daughter, Sadie, who presents with many of the symptoms of a rare and deadly disease - the one which everyone is still discussing from the previous week. The nurses drop in to visit with Kim, her sister and the young child, talking about the miraculous intervention the previous week while the child waits to be evaluated.

The young child is sent home after about 4 hours on antibiotics after a series of soft-tissue x-rays and minor probing. A strep A test has yielded negative results, but the child clearly has a strep-like bacteria or virus harboring in the back of her throat... strangely similar to her father's.

On the way out of the hospital, Kim goes by the patient Jason's hotel room with her young daughter in tow, and a tearful reunion ensues.

As the episode concludes, the Kim returns home exhausted and calls Jason in the hospital, dancing around the issues and things that have yet to be discussed. They talk only momentarily about the need to search more deeply for answers to unwrap the medical history. And they make plans for his return home the next day.

In the fade out, Kim is seen typing away in a quiet house, sipping hot tea to soothe her raw, sore throat.

End scene. (and our day)

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  1. Anonymous8:28 PM

    Hey Kim,

    I had no idea what has been going on. I should read Facebook more often. I'm so sorry for bothering you at all with anything and please let me know if there's I can help in any way. I'm so sorry and pray your family gets well very soon.

    Heart hugs,