Monday, January 19, 2009

One step forward, two steps back...

Life was beginning to turn a bit closer to our average shade of normal last week. Jason's feeling better and pretty much back together from all his medical drama. Sadie's mellowing a bit after weeks of tantrums. Katie was happy to have rediscovered the joy of the school routine. And I got back up off the couch after two days of sick/exhaustion and got back into life.

Then the newest fun hit. Jason has become another victim of the economic downturn. As of Friday, he will be unemployed. If you know of anyone looking for a brand manager, let him know.

And so, the fun continues. I'm stressing in a weird, detached way. I know life will continue, and that we'll either make it or we won't financially, and that there's nothing we can do except search for opportunities. I've been struggling with a decision as to whether or not to continue in association management (the pay is abysmal in a small firm like mine), so I, too, will be on the market. Of course I have the school to contend with too. But I don't get paid to work there (breaking even is finally happening), so I can't hold my hopes on that to grow fast enough to support our family. I'm on the lookout for graphic design and writing freelance stuff to help fill in the gaps. You know, when I'm not working on my two companies or two clients...

OK, it's not all dreary here. Katie and Sadie are both in super fun stages right now. Katie has really taken off with her reading, which is a lot of fun (though it sucks that I can't get away with spelling things out in front of her anymore - time to break that habit). Sadie suddenly became a talking machine and talks, nonstop, day and night. I love her singing - she's quite the diva. My favorite goes something like this... "Fossy Snowman! Joll-ee Sowelll!"

Anyway, onward and upward. I'm hoping this "setback" is actually a sign of something bigger on the horizon!


  1. Oh Kim,
    I'm so so sorry. What a month you've had. Please let us know what we can do to help. I will keep my ear out for any opportunities.


  2. Kristin7:23 PM

    Hang in there as best you can. If you two need a break please call. The girls would love to have playmates on the weekends. And we don't have too much planned over the next few weeks.