Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chin up!

I saw a great quote today, on a message board for some acquaintances whose little girl was just diagnosed with brain cancer last week.


Sure, it's been used before, but for some reason, it really stuck today. And so, on that note, I'm resetting my mental framework officially, back to the present. I won't lie, I took a bit of a nose dive for a few weeks, but I'm over the hump and looking up.

And I'll begin by bragging about my kids a bit. You KNOW you want to hear it.

Katie's doing AWESOME with math. Amy, our teacher at Three Oaks, just moved her onto multiplication today. My Kindergartener is multiplying. How cool is that?! Further confirmation that my daughter is brilliant and that the Montessori method of teaching rocks. Katie LOVES her math work, and is so very proud of herself.

And Sadie is now talking in complete sentences. Just three short months ago I was worried about developmental delays with language, and now she is going off the charts verbally. She's very hard to understand, but works really hard to properly enunciate her words. Today she was sitting beside a little boy, rubbing his back as he worked (she's very touchy/feely). He looked up at me and said "She really loves me, you know." "Yes," she said, "I love him." And it begins...

Jason managed to get one more week squeezed out of his job, so that was a good thing. His last day is Friday, but he's confident he'll find something soon. He's got an interview next week (not for a specific job, with a recruiting agency), so hopefully that will open some doors.

And as for me, I relinquished quite a bit of the added stress I'd taken on with some volunteer efforts the last few months. I realized that the work I was doing was important, but not so much so that my mental and physical health should be put at stake (this realization came to me in the middle of the night as I lay shivering in bed with the flu over the weekend, while entering data for that volunteer work). I was pushed to my limits with a few negative people, and decided to exit stage left. And I feel good about it. I'm going to ensure the transition is a smooth one, and that my efforts don't go to waste, then I'm drawing the curtain on that portion of life for a while. I need to stop and breathe, spend time with the girls and reconnect with my friends.


  1. Good for you. Sometimes it's hard to remember to take care of ourselves, but if we don't, how can we manage the rest of the world? I'm proud of you. I too stumbled on that quotation and was struck by its relevance to my life.

    Here's to more time for girls nights out! And to hoping that things continue to look up.


  2. Learn to dance in the rain. Your my girl and the whole world should know how proud I am of you. Yeah why run in the rat race when you can dance with those beautful grand daughters of mine. May peace joy and happiness be yours,

  3. Anonymous8:42 AM

    I am glad you are taking time for yourself...or atleast will be soon. I am sure letting go of some of the things you have worked so hard for was difficult. There is no need to waste time with negative people. Surround yourself with people who matter and and have positive impact on your life. Hope this means a night out soon!


  4. Kim,
    I think I may have send you a note already at your other blog: If you're the same Kim, then I'm sending you another note after reading this post. As I read you, I can relate to you in so many ways. It starts from the very top of your blog, in the header. If I had to write something like that, it would be those exact words. Taking time for myself, I'm not very good at because I feel guilty. I have to learn to do that, do fun things for myself without the guilt . Learning to dance in the rain - I love it. It sure gave me a new perspective today. I just launched my blog today and you'll be the first on my favorite blogs I read. Keep up the great job you're doing with your blog. It's very inspiring and I hope to read about your world. Feel free to visit mine at I'm trying to connect with bloggers such as yourself; together we learn to dance in the rain. Thanks for your time, Kim.

  5. Hello again,
    I meant to mention that I was sorry to hear about your husband's job loss. I'm a little worried about our situation too as my husband works in one of the worst industries right now, which is the car industry. I was once told that when one door closes another one opens. I truly believe something will happen for him. Keep up the great attitude that you have. You need to be commended for that :)