Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy thanksgiving!

Well, we made it down to Florida after all, and will be celebrating Thanksgiving with Jason's family today. Tomorrow we are looking forward to a trip to Disneyworld with Katie.

Healthwise, both kids are doing well this week. Katie came down with a nasty cold and fever last Friday when she came home from school, so I rushed her over to the doctor to get her checked for strep, since it was going around preschool. The test was negative, so we decided to bring her down after all. She's finally acting like she feels a bit better today.

Sadie is doing great this week. She's had very few crying spells at all, and is down to 1 dose of the methadone a day. Next week she'll be done with it for good, I hope.

Next week brings about new rounds of doctors visits - Katie has a sonagram and UGI scheduled to check out her GI problems, and Sadie has another round of shots (including synagis) and a checkup with her cardiologist. It was nice to be away this week so that we COULDN'T go to a doctor's office. It was our first week since we've been home!

Happy thanksgiving!

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