Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A quick update

Sadie's Prilosec is helping a lot. She's still crying a ton, but isn't spitting up so much, and is eating like a champ again. I think she gained a pound this week - it sure feels like it.

I can't believe it - we're all the way to Wednesday this week without a dr's visit (knocking on wood as I write the next sentance...). I think we're going to make it all week without stepping foot in a dr's office. This will be the first time in... well, I don't know how long. Since we've been home. Yay. Even though she cries so much, this week has felt a lot better to me. I'm beginning to be able to tune out the crying a bit, and learning to cope better. I'm getting out more, and just try to stick to stores that it doesn't matter if she cries in (e.g. Walmart). Just getting out of the house helps both Katie and I, I think. Katie seems a lot happier this week too. I've been so worried about how grown up acting and sad she's been the last month. I know it's normal and expected in our circumstances, but I miss my bubbly little girl. It was good to see her smiling and laughing more this week. Even her teacher and parents at the preschool noticed that she seems happier.

So the new drama in our family is that Jason's brother just got admitted to the hospital tonight with a new blockage in his GI system. He's been battling colon cancer for a couple of years now, and just finished up chemo. The only choice they have to fix this problem is to operate again. So please keep him in your thoughts/prayers. He's a horrible patient, so keep his nurses in there, too. Anyway, Jas is pretty upset. He as telling me tonight that he feels like everything in he's being hit by so many fronts he just doesn't know what to do. I can relate to that, but I think he's had all he can stand.

We had hoped to go to Florida next week to visit his parents and hit Disneyworld with Katie, but the plans have to be scrapped due to the latest developments with his brother. Not to mention that my sister's boyfriend's mom passed away yesterday, and she's pretty upset. So I need to be here for her, too. The memorial service is this weekend.

It's all good, though. I was dreading the 14 hour trip each way with Sadie. Maybe in January we can try to get down there. I just hate to disappoint Katie - again. She was really excited about it the last two days. Maybe she'll forget? (wishful thinking...)

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