Saturday, December 08, 2007

It's broken...

You can say that about every big ticket item we own almost. This quarter has resulted in record spending in our household, and NOT for Christmas gifting. The death toll includes:
- Over the range microwave
- Oven
- Dishwasher
- Refridgerator
- MacBook screen
- Central heater for office
- Jason's computer (HP)
- Retaining wall in front of our house

Just when I thought we were done with things giving out on us, the battery died on the truck two days ago. No biggie - my sister got it switched out and it ran again. For about 24 hours. Then as I was driving to one of Katie's friends houses yesterday, it died again. We jumped it, got back on the road and less than a half mile away, the lights started flashings, strange beeps followed, the steering went out (which is a BIG deal with an Expedition), then the brakes. Luckily we were on a dirt road and I managed not to lose control and got off to the side of the road. Diagnosis? One alternator. Sweet. My mechanic brother-in-law advised that this is the beginning of the end for the 10-year old truck I love.

I called a tow truck, mom came and rescued us from the side of the road and we got home safe and sound. The tow truck driver informed me that this was the beginning of the end of the truck. Thank you. So I've heard. I came inside, warmed some leftovers and sat down at our brand-new dining set to feed Sadie... and the chair leg split down the middle.

Sadie, of course, thought it was hilarious. "BowKin" "BowKin" she keeps telling me this morning, pointing at the chair laying on its side in its carnage. Then she laughs. Yeah, kid. HILARIOUS.

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