Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Best of the Holidays

It's been another whirlwind month, and I haven't had a second to sit back and update the blog in days. I hope all of you out there have had a very merry Christmas!

Despite the kids continuing to share sicknesses (Sadie's turn right now, Katie's was last week), we've managed to have a great time getting ready for the mack-daddy of all children's holidays. Here are my top highlights:

  • The look of wonder on Katie's face as the curtain went up for the opening scenes of the Nutcracker. This is the first year we've taken her, and she was drawn into the show from the first notes. She didn't sleep or complain once (which is pretty impressive for a 5-year old). She sat with a look of wonder mingled with pure joy as the scenes changed, dancers flowed across the stage and the orchestra played. Shame on me for not introducing her to live arts earlier. I've decided that we'll be hitting some classical concerts, dances and theater several times in '08.
  • Sadie and the "Christmas balls." She loved the glass balls on the Christmas "Flower" (she refused to call it a tree). She would carefully remove them and feed them to Carly Sparkles the Pitbull Pup, who daintily chewed and spewed glass shards throughout the living room on multiple occasions. At least twice I emptied her doggy bed chock full of glass. Not once did I see a cut on her mouth, nor in Sadie's bare feet. Truly a Christmas miracle.
  • Katie's Christmas tree. Katie got her own tree in her room this year - bright pink and "bling"ed out to the max. She rearranged the decorations often and took great pride in her additional decor (hand-painted items she made, garish garland draped over her windows, etc.).
  • Presents for the kids. We spent way too much this year. I admit it. But the good news is taht according to American media, we did our part for the economy. Katie got a (I know, I know, reliving my childhood wishes) Barbie Cadillac Escalade power wheels. She buckled Sadie in and tore up our yard all morning. It came with a built-in radio, and reverse features. She'd back it up to her play set and swing to the good songs that came on. Sadie got a Dora kitchen, complete with 44 bilingual phrases. Maybe she'll stay out of my cabinets now (haha). She is having a blast with all the noises, and taking things in and out and "feeding" us gourmet toddler meals.
  • A "real" kitchen. Yep - we now have working appliances once again! I can wash dishes in a dishwasher, heat things in the microwave, cook on the stove and (gasp) the water filter in the fridge actually dispenses water. While replacing the appliances, we had the brilliant idea of sanding and restaining all the cabinets, replacing their hardware, tearing up the hideous tile and placing new flooring. My kitchen is pretty now. Yay. And it works. Bigger yay.
  • Hark the Herald. Katie learned every word of it. I'm going to try to get it on video tomorrow and will post it. She sings it with such earnesty and sincerity. It's hilarious.
  • Dancing. Sadie learned to dance this past week, to Christmas music. Again, an item that must be uploaded on video. It's something between steppin' and an Irish jig, baby style. The kid has talent.
From the Thies household to yours, I hope you, too, had a merry Christmas!

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