Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day Saved at the bottom of the 9th

So, I had a very crappy Mother's Day this year for the most part. I'd had no sleep the night before, was up early with the girls, they were both cranky and sick most the day, Jason didn't pitch in... it just sucked. That is, until toward the end. I was about in tears because it had been such a bad day, when all of a sudden Sadie looked up at me, threw up her hands for me to pick her up and said "Mama." That's right... dog be darned! I got to be Sadie's first word! (Katie said "Darla" (our dog) first). She's made the mama noises quite a bit lately, but I never could be sure before yesterday that she had connected that mama=me. There was no doubt in her actions yesterday! It instantly went from being my worst day to one of my best. Jason's very lucky, because he was inches from sleeping in the garage.

Katie is currently on this kick about asking questions concerning reproduction. She wants to know where everything comes from. Questions this week have ranged from "Do lady bugs carry babies in their tummies?" to "Do horses push babies out of a hole in their bottom?" to "Can cats have their tummies cut to pull the babies out like some mommies do?" Usually these conversations take place at inappropriate times when in public. I'm loving it. On the plus side, I find myself looking up things like insect reproduction late at night so I have some valid answers the next morning.

Sadie's getting long and remains fairly thin for a baby. I think she might be 17 lbs now. Length-wise she's outgrowing those 6-12 month sleepers, but they're still baggy around the middle. Of course, I worry myself sick over how much she eats. She still only eats small quantities every couple of hours. She's babbling a lot these days, and does this crazy rocking number that has caused quite a few bruises already. Mostly on me. She also pinches everything - me, the dog, her sister - and it really hurts. I'll be glad when this phase passes. No crawling yet, but she's inching forward on her belly.

Here are some bragging photos. I've been failing miserably in my mommy duties of posting them lately.

Katie, 4 1/2 yrs. And yes, those are weeds galore in the rock bed. Oh well. At least Katie looked pretty! This is one of the very few times she's worn a dress in the last year or two without fighting it.

Sadie, 7 months in a gorgeous dress a friend gave (thanks, Patty! Both girls' dresses were beautiful!). She ate the bow about 10 minutes into the pictures.

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