Sunday, May 06, 2007

Good Morning, PoPo!

I awoke this morning to a series of beeping noises. I listened, didn't hear the kids moving (it was 5:45 am), so kept snoozing... too tired from the frequent wake up calls from the night before to get up and turn off (what I assumed) to be the alarm clock. Little did I know that the beeping noises were prelude to the loud alarm that was about to go off. Katie had opened the front door to "look outside at the weather", which had tripped our alarm. I ran downstairs to a hysterical 4-year old covering her ears and rocking in a corner, tears streaming down her face. I punched in the code, only to hear a woman's voice come over the system - "Are you OK?"
"I hear screaming"
"It's my 4 year old. She's scared of the alarm."
"Please give me your verbal password"
Ok, well, I set up this system almost 2 years ago, and have never used a verbal password. Great. I run through my list of passwords that I commonly use (there are like a million) until the frustrated woman on the other end of my alarm system sighed in exhasperation and said she'd call the number I had listed to verify. She called, I answered. Talked. Still didn't know the password. She said she'd call another number. No other phone rang.

A few minutes later, a nice police officer showed up. Again Katie began to panic and ran to her room crying loudly. I explained what happened (by this time I was holding Sadie, also crying), and he was kind enough to believe me. I then fixed the strongest cup of coffee known to man and gave up on further sleep for the day.

Sadie is now 8 months - it's hard to believe. She's scooting forward on her belly and starting to "talk" more. Today we went to NoVa to see Jason's brother's 50th birthday (Happy Bday Carl!) and she clearly said "mama" several times when she was being held by others and wanted me. Yay! I've been seriously worried she's autistic, so this is a very good sign. I guess she's just not the talker Katie was. Of course, it's hard for Sadie to get a word in edgewise with Katie around...

Jason was out of town last weekend to visit in Blacksburg, and was out of town for the last 4+ days to a boys weekend in Vegas. I've had nonstop drama for 3 of the 4 days. Puking, Pouting, Hurt Knee, Screaming, Leaky Fridge, Sleepless Nights, Low-flying Military Helicopters Circling for an Hour at Bed Time, Police Visitation and Outlandishly Early Mornings are just a few of my favorite highlights. He owes me SOOOOOOO big.

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