Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Other Mother

Most people can't stand their mother-in-laws. But my mother-in-law, well, she's great. She's was a second mother to me for more than 15 years, and even as my marriage to her son ended, has been a steadfast friend and constant in my life.

I love this woman.

Unfortunately, she had a tumor in her head. Which required surgery. Which led to complications, leaving her in critical condition. She's now got clots throughout her body, and I just found out moments ago that there is now a second infection in her head, requiring immediate surgery again. I won't get into details, but it's serious.

Please pray, send good mojo and all of that. This morning has not been a good morning.


  1. KristinS3:10 PM

    You know how to reach me if you need help :)


  2. Oh no. I am definitely thinking about all of you and sending lots of prayers her way.

    Many, many hugs,
    Christy xoxo

  3. Kim,
    You guys and your MIL are all in my prayers. Call me if I can do anything to help. I'm not that far away....

  4. I feel like I'm a day late and dollar short, I just didn't realize how serious her condition is. Please know that I'm sending prayers and mojo and love in your direction and hers.


  5. I feel the same way about my mama in law. I pray yours recovers.