Saturday, February 14, 2009

Counting Out Change

I was at Hallmark this morning, getting a last minute card, rushing through the motions of a commercial holiday I'm not a huge fan of. I got into line to pay, seconds behind an elderly man.

He placed a single card on the counter. "This is for my true love," he said to the cashier with a wink. "Today is our anniversary!" The cashier asked the obligatory "how many years?"

Seventy one.

He pulled change out of his pocket, and began to count it. As he did he mentioned that time went too fast. Next week they are moving into a retirement home. Things changed, but one thing remained the same, their love.

Tears filled my eyes when he looked at me and smiled his little old crooked smile and wished me a happy Valentines.

I got in the car and drove away, trying to hold back tears for so many reasons. I wished I'd asked him more. I wanted to know his life story. I imagined their moving through the times, life.

But most of all, I thought of the change he used - mostly nickels and dimes, to pay for that Hallmark card. One by one, adding them slowly as I took in the moment. Now that, my friends, was a Valentine to remember.

Happy Heart day!


  1. Sending hugs to you, my friend.

  2. Tear jerker. I guess true love always is...

  3. wow! This is awesome. It sure is true love is about, isn't it? This is a story that the whole world needs to hear more.