Monday, February 09, 2009

CHD Awareness Week Day 2, 2009

I'm totally bummed I can't make it out to CHD Lobby Day tomorrow. Sadie's got something that looks a lot like pneumonia, PLUS my lead teacher is sick at the school. Feeling a bit blue about it.

Check out yesterday's CHD Blog entry if you haven't. It's by a friend, Josie, (5 Minutes is the title) and it's amazing. If you're a parent who's ever been through a life-death situation with a child, you will totally relate.

That's all I've got in me tonight. I've got my mind on lots of people who need support and energy for tomorrow - the Reynolds family (daughter Charlotte, 3, has brain tumor) and my friend Christy and yet another big appointment for Harlie tomorrow. Send some good mojo their way.

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  1. Hi Kim,

    I'm sorry to hear that you didn't make it to Lobby Day. I don't know why these things happen sometimes, you know. All you can do is take a day at a time, and handle what you can handle today. I'm in a similar situation about an event this Saturday I was planning to go, now I can't. I was a little upset, but I'm doing OK. There are sometimes things that happened that are beyond our control, and we need to let them go and focus on what's in front of us, and put all the energy there. Look after your precious Sadie for now. I'll pray for a quick recovery.

    From My Heart to Yours,
    Mom to Andre, a CHD Survivor