Monday, September 01, 2008

Oh Happy Day

Labor Day, for me, is a lucky day. Two years ago, it was the day Sadie was born, and the first day she survived. Today it is a great day because (drumroll...) after two months of an intense search, I hired my first teacher for Three Oaks Montessori! It's official, our school is opening on October 13.

{Happy dance, Happy dance}

I'm so excited! The classroom is nearly complete, with only touch up paint, some final supplies and some art work I hope to create for the walls. I'll post a photo soon. The supplies are mostly here (some are still on back order), and I have to admit the room looks nice, despite my contractor's best attempts to screw it all up (most recently - a leaky door that let in over an inch of rain). I'd been feeling a bit glum the past couple of weeks about the contractor's screw ups, an initial "no" from my best candidate to teach, some messed up materials, etc. I've been working a gazillion hours on it all over the past two months, and felt like I was getting no where. Now it all seems not only manageable, but minor... because I have a teacher! Hooray!


  1. Congratulations, Kim! That's great! I can't wait to come check it out. I've got my fingers crossed that your class will be full in no time.

  2. Wow Kim! Sounds like wonderful progress ~ I'm so impressed with all you can take on. Congratulations also on one of your greatest achievements, Miss Sadie.