Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Lisencing woes

I seriously wonder how it is that, in our current state system, I can be taxed for a detached building as "livable space," yet unable to use it as "livable space" by a separate state agency. The detached garage has now been fully converted and sprots a new restroom, complete with extra sink, ample space ratios per child and a nice plan of floor space. Yet DSS has now informed me I can't use it, because a law - down the road - will say I can't. Not that it's there in writing now. Not that they told me about it before, when I called and specifically asked (one agent said I could use it, another said absolutely not, but could not tell me why, or where it is mandated). Turns out the commissioner gets final say, and he says no 100% of the time to these sorts of requests. Sweet. Not that I won't try anyway!!

So glad my investment is already paying off. So glad I spent the last two months of my life fighting a contractor (Mike Kersey, All Exteriors, They SUCK) for a lousy job done, which still isn't finished. I ended up having to tell him not to come onto my property anymore after it escalated over a series of lies I caught him in.... I digress.

So anyway, I met an illiterate man who's applying for licensing to provide child care for after school. A woman who's brother just got out of prison on homicide, who currently resides with her but is moving out next month, who is applying. Another woman who has 600 sq ft in her entire household, and no outdoor area who is applying to care for 12 children daily. All these people are likely to be licensed. But in the meantime, my HVAC-installed, plumbed, 3-exited, well-lighted detached building that is technically defined as living space by the county (see my recent audit hiking up my taxes as proof), chock full o' beautiful new Montessori materials is inelligible for use. So lovely.

On to Plan C. Or is it D? E? I've lost track...


  1. I can't even believe that, Kim. That stinks! So, now what are you going to do? Is there anything you can do? Maybe install a shower & a kitchen-ette & rent it out. Or you can kick Jason into the garage. ;-)

  2. How rotten - it's very lousy indeed. I hope you can come up with a solution. Good luck!

  3. Christy Davis5:54 PM

    That is terrible!!!!! If the law is not in place...then why can you not do it? It does not make since what they are doing this to you!! You would think they would "grandfather" once the law would be put in place.....ugh!!


    I am sorry!!