Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lend a little energy...

I just can't seem to get into the flow of work today, because of some of my friends that are on my mind. If you don't mind (and I know I'm doing this too much lately, but can't help it), send some energy/prayers for them.

Yesterday, little Harlie went through her Nissen (stomach) surgery and had her feeding tube replaced. The surgery is successful, and she's in recovery. This is great news, as it means she can move forward with her jaw surgery in two weeks.

Today, Jameson (three stories and photos of her) is having her Fontan surgery, which is part 3 in a 3-part series of surgeries for a child that has, essentially, half a heart. It's a tricky surgery, but Jameson's in capable, experienced hands. Many friends and family wrote a J on their palm to remind us frequently to say a quick prayer for her and her family. Feel free to join in.

One more... Amanda's finally home with a newly hole-ridden pelvis (thanks to 4 biopsies in the last month), but she's worn out. If you're from Richmond, try to make it out to Dumbarton Elementary today if you can donate blood (3 - 7 pm) at a drive held in her honor.

Now, to try to focus on work... ugh. I need some inspiration to write about microwave stuff, and I'm not finding it today!!

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  1. Hey Kim,

    Thanks so much for your thoughts! Who knew a nissen surgery (her most minor yet!) would prove so challenging?? Ugh. Hopefully we'll be home soon and on to surgery #10 - jaw reconstruction!!! Progress!

    Thanks, you're awesome!