Monday, December 18, 2006

Ho, Ho, Ho...

I'm happy to report that we really don't have much news around here for a change! Sadie is doing wonderfully. Last night we took her out to dinner with us, and, as usual, everyone who saw her had to come up and comment on how cute she is. Jason said to me at one point that it's amazing that none of them would even know that anything had ever been wrong with her.

Sadie's scar is continuing to heal, and it looks really good. I think that by this time next year it will be barely noticeable. I hope so! It's the only thing that really remains as a daily reminder of what we have been through these past few months. I guess the positive thing about it is that, when I have a long day with her and feel like I'm going to loose it, it is always there to remind me of just how lucky I am to have her, and it puts everything back into perspective for me.

We're finally getting ready for Christmas around here, and Katie is about to turn herself inside out with excitement. From the moment she wakes until we can finally get her down at night she chatters on and on about all things Christmas. We finally got a tree last week (a total Charlie Brown deal that is covering my carpet with a blanket of needles, but a tree, none-the-less) and Katie rearranges the ornaments every morning. Most of the time they all end up on one branch near the bottom, which does nothing to help the overall appearance of the tree.

Sadie is completely off of the methadone, and has done well with the wean. It's been almost four weeks now, so I think it's safe to say that that chapter of our lives is finally overwith - yay! She no longer cries for hours at a time, and is responding to us very well. She still cries a LOT - don't get me wrong (I think it's safe to say much more so than the average baby), but at least now we can console her. I still have to stay away from dairy, or it will do a real number on her system... I hope she outgrows the milk intolerance. While I was on a business trip recently she had to have formula near the end, and the milk-based lactose-free stuff really messed up her system for three days. It has to be soy-based if we use it anymore. So, I'm learning how to adjust my diet. But man, do I miss cheese.

As far as development, I think Sadie is pretty much on target. She smiles socially now - her daddy can make her smile at the drop of a pin. She is reaching and grabbing for things and has discovered her toes in the past week or so. She loves them. Her favorite thing to do is to hang out on the changing table with no diaper - she sings and coos, kicks and smiles up a storm. And she loves to splash in her bath. I think she's probably up to 12.5 lbs now, is 22.5 inches, and is getting some cute little rolls of fat on her thighs and tummy. In fact, I noticed yesterday that she finally has dimples on her elbows and hands (my favorite thing about babies are fat dimples). She does well following objects and is discovering how to put things in her mouth. I think she may already be beginning to teeth, though, because she's drooling up a storm, cranky and biting everything she can get in her mouth (including me - ouch!). She constantly is shoving her hands into her mouth, so I'm even more vigilent with the Purex when we're out with her - especially since strangers seem drawn to touch baby hands without asking. She is cute, I can see why they do it, but I still have to be careful with her in regards to germs and such. A slight cold could be very serious for her still.

So, that is where things are here. We're all gearing up for Christmas and looking forward to a New Year more than ever. If I don't get a chance to post before then, I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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