Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Great Disappearing Act of the Summer of 09

I've been MIA in blogland most the summer, but with good reason. My work is kicking my butt, and without regular child care during the summer I feel like I'm in a constant upstream battle. Since June I haven't left Richmond except for a few family visits to NoVA and a meeting in DC, from which I promptly returned. I'm dying to get out of here, but alas, vacation is not in the cards this year. Or next the way things are going.

Jason finally found employment, but it's anything but steady and reliable. So he continues to work. Both of my clients are struggling more than ever with the economic climate. I keep finding new things I need to spend money on for the school - a new addition to the driveway for parking, the addition of an ADA accessable bathroom, insurance, yadda, yadda... I feel like every time I call the county or social services it costs a few thousand bucks in new requirements. Take that and add in seven months of unemployment and you have the makings of a lot of fun.

There are lots of changes going on, too. The biggest one is changes in staffing at the school and with MCC, which I'm in knots over. I'm not sure how it will all play out, but I'm hoping that the fall will be less eventful and I can find a way to reduce my workload to 40-50 hour weeks.

So, needless to say, I haven't felt like blogging in my free time. The kids are doing oodles of adorable things to share, but by the end of the day I want to plop in bed with a good book (just finished Shadow of the Wind - incredible!) and ignore the world. I'm sure I'll come out of the blogging slump at some point, but for now, I just can't keep up, so I won't bother with apologies to the 3 folks that still follow along.

I did manage one splurge for the summer - we joined a pool at long last. It's great to take off in the late afternoon, head to the pool and soak up the sun. I'm a much better mom, employer and friend if I can get just an hour in the sun and water a few days a week. Guess I need to move to Florida.

I'll have big updates on the school, happenings in the house and more soon...


  1. I was hoping that you had secretly won the lottery and had been out spending all your money. Darn.

    I, for one, am still a follower - if you blog or not. I am excited to see the changes at the school - and that Harlie gets to be a part of your class in the fall! YAY!

    So, keep your chin up, girl! And go relax at the pool. You are one strong woman - try not to forget that!

    Much love,

  2. Glad to know you are doing well. Missed your updates:)

  3. Jen Sample9:28 AM

    Hey girl! I still check in regularly since our schedules are so cooky we don't get to catch up. I'm glad things are moving along and will keep praying that you get a much deserved break in your work week with whatever new changes you have lined up for the school. I miss you guys. If you ever do get a chance to breathe and want to come over here for a mini-vacation, we've got 5 beaches and loads of playgrounds plus about a gzillion toys and crafts at the house. So just come on over! :)