Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The NIghtmare Remodel is Finally Over

The good news is that the garage is finished, and is now operable and functional space. Now to get the permits and such needed to use it. The other good news is that I no longer have to deal with All Exteriors, which is located in central Virginia. I'm including them as a label, in hopes that other unsuspecting persons cross this post and run away from these guys.

First off, the carpenter, Kevin, was great. The crew, for the most part was also good. But the owner, Mike, was rotten, through and through. He brought his crew on and began working them before I signed a contract, despite my insistence that he not do so (I should have known then!!). He cost more than everyone else. But he told me that the final product would be "top quality."

Well, if "top quality" means missing major items, hot water tanks put in places easily accessible by small children and in an entry way, crappy peal and stick vinyl laid crookedly, deviance from color schemes, unfinished and exposed wood on the exterior of the building, doors that don't close properly, missing keys from locks (which were installed upside down), warped and bubbled fascia, cigarette butts littering the area, people smoking in the new building, an office (equipment, files, furniture) covered in cement and drywall dust, a missing ceiling fan, areas of walls un-sanded and not primed, exposed exterior piping, fingerprints IN the painted doors, paint smeared everywhere on windows and doors, paint not applied to the interior and other general small grievances, well then, hell, it was a top quality job. A few samples posted for your viewing pleasure.

Angry? A bit. This guy wasted my time and money, and now I have to spend extra time to fix things. I'm unhappy with the finished product, and even more so with the process involved to get said job finished. I spent countless hours babysitting All Exteriors before I left, after I returned and even fighting with them while IN Japan (he insisted on working while I was away, then tried to swindle the money out of Kerinda in my absence prior to my approval AND completion of the job). He badgered and bullied my family... this mama bear was LIVID when I returned. Then, after a severe tongue lashing, the silent treatment and several snide comments about "quality," he did everything I requested, exactly as I asked (even if it took 3 tries) and finally I paid him and sent him on his merry way. Never to be seen again. I hope.

That's All Exteriors, folks. Owner, Mike Kersey. Don't use them!

Karma, baby. Karma.

Now, on to painting.... what matches Crap Brown carpet and Poo Swirl peel and stick? Perhaps a nice Chartreuse Puke? (Definitely not the 5 gallons of creamy yellow that I bought! Anyone need some yellow paint?).

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