Monday, July 14, 2008

Feast or Famine

Last week I think I had blog entries almost every day. Not so much this week. Here's why...

  • Answered my SAHM vs. Not to SAHM dilemma. I decided to open a business. Another one. A Montessori preschool to be more precise. Yes, I am certifiably insane. In order to do this, we must completely remodel the garage into living space, to the tune of thousands of bucks. All prior to September 1. In the last 4 days I've met with close to 50 contractors, helpers and handymen. Fun stuff. Wednesday the work begins!
  • Making plans for Japan. Well, at least realizing the trip is only two weeks away and I have no clue where I'm staying, what I'm doing or how to get around. Or how to speak the language well enough to find a bathroom. Uh Oh. Anyone have a Japanese version of Rosetta Stone laying around they don't need for a month or so? Any one know how to say toilet in Japanese?
  • Sampled Universalist Unitarianism. Interesting.
  • Got bitten by a brown recluse (they think?) and have marks on my leg where the doctor burned out a few small bits of dead skin left behind. Have cool bumps that pop out along various parts of my body following the lines of veins. Right hand has several puss-filled bumps on the interior of the fingers. Got three steroid shots on the "meatiest" portion of my body. Have been taking a barrage of antibiotics and steriods.
  • Got rid of the shakes, sweats, night terrors, brain zaps and other fun things that went along with my drug withdrawals. Did I mention Cymbalta sucks?
So, yeah, I'm kinda busy this week.


  1. So will you continue your current business while running the Montessori Pre-School?
    Just wondering...

  2. Oh Kim. So much to say, so little time! Sorry I have been so out of touch lately! But, I have been keeping up with you and all your craziness - even when you don't hear from me. I can always count on you to bring a smile to my face! And, yes, sometimes at your expense! Hang in there!

    Talk to you soon!