Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Blogging Crack

This is your brain on blog crack.

For my avid readers (all 2 of you), you may have noticed I haven't rated the book I put up over two months ago that is my "current read". That's because I haven't started it.

While last month was a huge interlude into CHD Awareness (sorry for forcing it on you), I also had a guilty pleasure I'd been indulging in private. Like any good narcotic, I've become totally addicted to a clever and witty blog I stumbled across. I tried to limit myself to a few entries a day, but quickly devoured it all. Now I greedily wait for my next fix...

If you'd like to sample my drug du jour, check out Cul de Sac Blues. You have to start at the beginning of the blog, or it won't make a lick of sense. Before long, you'll be as absorbed with the happenings at Burning House and the Three Dougs misadventures as I've been.


  1. We're supposed to start way back in 2005! Whoa! I'll have to wait for a weekend that Jeff goes out of town without me to spend that much time online.

    Are you feeling better?

  2. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Hi Kim, you have a new avid reader! ;-) I love your CHD blog - it is very awesome. Anyway, I came over hear via your invite on my about page and have had fun reading it. :-) You'll see me around frequently.