Wednesday, March 21, 2007

C'mon Barbie, Let's go Potty (oh, oh, o-oh)

Katie's latest big thing is karaoke dance parties hosted by DJ Daddy. She begs for them every night. He's hooked her up with some fun dance tunes, and she belts it out. Last night after I put Sadie to bed I could hear the banging upstairs as Katie danced around and sang her current favorites, which include "Video Killed the Radio Star" and a punk cover of Scooby Doo. She then broke into another one that's big in her books, and I could hear her cute little voice carrying down the stairs... "I'm a Barbie Girl, in a Barbie Wo-orld. It's bandlastic, I'm so exstatic. You can brush my hair and throw it every-whe-ere.. (mumble, muble)... COME ON BARBIE LET'S GO POTTY!"

I'm actually glad she's young enough not to get the implications of all the words, or to know what they are. I think I'll leave that one alone for a while.

Oh, and another fun thing I learned this week. Vonage Sucks. Do not even bother. There's a reason they're so cheap. I signed up for it last week, thinking it would be great, since we barely use our landline anymore. Turns out that it doesn't work with our security system, which they were supposed to tell us to start out with. I'm in a 3-year contract with Vector, so there's no way I'm paying them fines to drop it. So I called Vonage to cancel. They want me to send bacck the equipment they sent on MY dollar, and won't refund the payment I put down. Vonage = Poo in by book today.

Also equalling poo is Anthem and the UVA health system billing. I just got a new bill for a new ungodly amount that they "forgot" to bill me earlier. So now I'm back in full fight mode on medical bills. Will it ever end? I do not heart Anthem. Not one bit.

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