Monday, January 15, 2007

4 Months Old! (and photo update)

Katie on the Teacups at DisneyWorld over Thanksgiving. Her expression says it all!

Still lovin' bath time!

Last week - Sadie at 4 months.

Katie and Sadie's Christmas Picture

Sadie is now 4 months old! It amazes me that it's been that long since she entered this world. Our family's whole life has flipped upside down, and we're only now putting the pieces back together. I'm thrilled she's 4 months now, but part of me is sad, because I feel like I missed out on the whole infant stage with her. So much time was spent in the hospital with her comatose, or "fighting" to keep her calm and happy, that there are very few of those "magical" moments that I can look back and reflect on. That being said, she's growing and changing every day, and now the fun is really starting!

Sadie's a typical 4 month old - she smiles, occassionally laughs, grabs things, and just tried some rice cereal last night for the first time. She's growing by leaps and bounds, and has become much happier than she was in the early days. She still has quite a temper, though, and we tread lightly, trying to keep her pacified.

Katie is doing well with her ongoing Big Sister role - she is very protective of Sadie, but loves to show her off to her friends. She's back in preschool five days a week now, and it's making a huge difference in behavior. I think she was going as nuts as I was with all the crying.

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  1. We have the exact same bathtub! Little A is still enjoying it. Is Sadie still crabby about tummy time? Alastair was at first too. we still have his surfboard tummmy time mat, if you'd like to have it. The little pillow helps to prop them up better.

    If Sadie ever gets funny about her scar, mom's Crazy Friend Amanda will take her to get it tattooed. It'd be like something out of Miami Ink. :)